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Thank you to all who showed their support in 2015...!  Have a VERY Happy and SAFE Holiday season, and we will see you in January to kick off 2016 together!  


Don't forget that NDTA HQ is doing their annual Toys for Tots drive!  For further info, email Patty by clicking on the flyer below !  


NDTA DC Chapter 2016 Events (tentative dates)


1/21 - Luncheon *Featuring RADM "Buzz" Buzby, President NDTA 

1/28 - Networking event



2/18 - Luncheon *Featuring MajGen John Broadmeadow, Deputy JSJ4

2/27 – Annual Scholarship Auction **TENTATIVE DATE** 



3/17 - Luncheon *Featuring LTG Gustave Perna, HQDA G4

3/24 - Networking event

3/29 - 3/31 – HQ event – Gov Travels



4/14 - Networking event

4/21 - Luncheon *Featuring LtGen Andy Busch, Director DLA 



5/19 - Luncheon *Featured Speaker TBA

National Transportation Week!!  Stay tuned for some special events!  



6/16 - Luncheon *Featured Speaker TBA

6/23 - Networking event



7/14 - Networking event



TBA - Annual Golf outing! 

8/18 - Networking event



***  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information!  ***






Upcoming Events

-Nov 12 - Luncheon

-Nov 19 - Networking event

-Dec 10 - Holiday Get Together!   



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 NDTA is a non profit association, so we are always looking for sponsors for our events!  Please contact us if  you would like to know more about how you can be involved!  




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